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75 Years of Future

A life story at MAWA

Monika Schmid, who was born in 1945 and passed away in 2024, leaves behind an impressive 43-year career as a design engineer at MAWA. Her life was characterised by profound commitment, a successful balance between motherhood and work, perseverance and passionate dedication.

Metal clips set in scene

To mark its 75th anniversary, MAWA organised a photo competition under the motto "Best CLIP wins!". The winners have been announced! The jury praised the creative presentation of metal clips in various everyday situations, from card holders to jewellery holders and practical universal helpers. The diverse entries reflected the innovative strength and passion of the brand.

"I'm really into it, the work at MAWA"

Mr Jaksche worked at MAWA for over 43 years. Even after retiring, he stayed with the company on the side until May 2023. He remembers working with prisons and the incident with a CNC milling machine that was too large. Although he already misses his work, he is enjoying his retirement in Scheyern with his family.