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When it comes to sustainability an absolute pioneer in the industry


...says Mr Gunther Strauß, Purchasing Manager at Bohnacker. The company, based in Blaubeuren, is successfully active in shop and property construction. Bohnacker offers furnishing solutions and products for the retail, catering and other business sectors. Mrs Sabrina Stiehle is a buyer at Bohnacker and looks after MAWA as a supplier.


What is your connection to MAWA?

G. Strauß: Our relationship with MAWA is long-standing and extremely valuable. As you know, we have been associated with MAWA as our supplier for clothes hangers since 2008. In recent years, we have increasingly focussed on sustainability, and MAWA has really impressed us here. We have already been able to experience MAWA's innovative strength in the area of sustainability at first hand at trade fairs, for example with the MAWA C-Cycle.


What are your experiences with MAWA ECO and the sustainable developments?

G. Strauß: MAWA is definitely a pioneer in terms of sustainability, especially when it comes to the materials used. That's why we also presented MAWA products in our showroom in a separate area for sustainability, and this was a real highlight last year. It is impressive to see how seriously MAWA takes the topic and not only "writes green", but actually "is green". A deep sustainability approach is particularly valuable when it comes to clothes hangers.


How does your company define sustainability?

G. Strauß: Sustainability is of central importance to us, both in purchasing and across the company. We are actively committed to promoting sustainable materials and production processes. In doing so, we also go into depth and analyse our position carefully. We look for alternative materials and optimise constructions and designs in order to minimise our ecological footprint. We think holistically and start thinking about how a shop can be dismantled and recycled without being sorted.


How does the partnership with MAWA affect your sustainability efforts?

S. Stiehle: The partnership with MAWA is extremely valuable for us, as we benefit from their extensive knowledge and commitment to the topic of sustainability. We actively exchange ideas and tips, which constantly inspires us to create new projects. We also worked closely with MAWA on the design of our sustainability exhibition, which was extremely interesting for our partners. This proactive collaboration gives us a good feeling and strengthens our commitment to sustainability.


Are there any concrete plans for the future with regard to MAWA and sustainability?

G. Strauß: Definitely! It's positive to see how more and more companies are thinking in terms of sustainability, and MAWA is an inspiring role model for us here. The long-standing partnership between Bohnacker and MAWA is reflected not only in a trusting collaboration, but also in the shared vision of actively promoting sustainability. MAWA impresses with innovative solutions and a profound approach to sustainability, which is also reflected in its products. Bohnacker sees itself as an active interface in the network and appreciates the open exchange and valuable recommendations from partners such as MAWA. The future promises further exciting developments and increased collaboration on the path to a more sustainable future.


Thank you to Mrs Stiehle Mr Strauß for your MAWA story!