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Hangers for Lifestyles

With our MAWA "Hangers for Lifestyles" you have the opportunity to create a store that communicates your brand message perfectly. The added value of a strong brand Made in Germany helps to develop new sales potential.

We’ve created ranges that will satisfy the most demanding of customers and make a statement at the point of sale. Our motto is clear: we don't sell clothes hangers, but ideas for hanging up clothes.

We structure our design ideas in our MAWA collections, which are created with our customers' life style in mind, and reflect this in material, color and shape.

The MAWA metal and wooden clothes hangers as well as our ECO-Line combine functionality, quality, individuality and sustainability - something that cheap Chinese copies often try to do, but don’t succeed.

Hangers for your wardrobe & coat area

The modern MAWA businessman chooses high-quality hangers - not only for his closet but also the office...

Discover the perfect hanger collection for your customer base and offer the right clothes hanger for every lifestyle, every closet and every office or store.



From spectacular to innovative – these are our BEST OF METAL Specials. A new generation of hooks and color combinations with our MAWA anti-slip coating.


Two materials, one style: this is ELEGANCE. The combination of our best metal hangers and best-selling wooden hangers offers the advantages of both materials.


Hangers in three new colours, gold, glamour gold, and bronze. This glamour-effect is only available from MAWA.


Red stands for pure emotion: love, passion and strength. We combine these feelings in our RED collection. 


The new TWIST hangers are a very special achievement: They are super light, meet the highest demands on functionality, have a fully turnable hook and effortlessly save up to 50% space.


Discover hangers in glamour pink, glamour blue, and glamour silver – three versatile colours that add pizzazz to any closet. Their special feature: A shiny crome hook.

MAWA AIR - Hanger for drying

Hang up damp laundry. Leave to dry. Done.

It is as simple as that! Hang up your item of laundry while it’s still damp on the MAWA AIR clothes hanger. Leave to dry. Done. It is as simple as that!


A wooden hanger is a wooden hanger? Not at all. Wood offers an almost unbelievable variety of possibilities for your personal lifestyle.

black & white

Men are different. Women even more.That‘s why we have perfect hangers for each of them in different hanger widths.

The perfect way to display Closet Secrets

MAWA Edition makes everything possible.

Closet Secrets – MAWA Edition is something really special. For the first time since MAWA GmbH was established, we’re sharing our hanger expertise with a manual for business-to-consumer clients.

It includes hints on how to use our hangers, and describes how our clients use them: #hangersforcleverpeople.

We can help with online marketing, and would be delighted if you use the manual, Closet Secrets – MAWA Edition, to add value for your clients.

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A new way of thinking is emerging all around the world. Being environmentally conscious isn’t just a niche interest; it’s gone mainstream.

“Kiss this world.”
It’s not a trend; it’s a mega-trend.
It’s not an idea; it’s an attitude.

“Kiss this world.” That’s the strapline of our new MAWA ECO Collection – and it’s exactly what we want to achieve together with you!

MAWA - Cycle


Let yourself be won over by our MAWA C-Cycle, which is guaranteed to give you a “kiss this world” feeling!