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Hangers for Every Need – Clothes hangers for all lifestyles.

Discover MAWA "Hangers for Lifestyles" – the perfect addition for retailers in the Home & Living sector. Our collections offer more than just clothes hangers – they present ideas for stylish storage and organisation of clothing, perfectly complementing your range. Impress your customers directly at the POS with quality, individuality, and sustainability!


Our extensive range of metal hangers offers highly functional products that exude quality and an impressive price-performance ratio. From classic hangers in black, white, and silver to elegant sytles with gold-plated hooks, at MAWA you will find the perfect hangers to successfully expand your household goods range – whether online or in-store.

As an experienced retailer, you know that sustainability is the future! With the new BIO hangers from MAWA, you can offer your customers a pioneer product in sustainability that combines quality, design, and environmental protection. The collection of top, trouser, and jacket hangers is made from natural fibres and biopolymers and is available in the colours Sand, Stone, and Coffee.

Learn more about sustainability at MAWA here.

MAWA wooden hangers stand out due to their high-quality craftsmanship and finely sanded surface, ensuring exceptional quality that will also impress your customers. As part of our new Best Price series, we offer our most popular models at particularly attractive prices – naturally without compromising on quality.

Hangers for your wardrobe & coat area

MAWA in Your Customers' Wardrobes

Discerning customers choose MAWA hangers for their wardrobes, coat racks, and even garment stands in the office.

Whether it's metal, wooden, or ECO material hangers, discover the perfect collections for your customers and offer the right hanger for every home style, every wardrobe, and every coat rack.

A Triad of Innovations: MAWA at The Ambiente 2024

MAWA's participation in Ambiente 2024 was a complete success! The three-part exhibition stand, featuring the themes of metal hangers, wooden hangers, and eco hangers, was met with great enthusiasm by visitors and industry professionals alike.



From spectacular to innovative – these are our BEST OF METAL Specials. A new generation of hooks and color combinations with our MAWA anti-slip coating.


Two materials, one style: this is ELEGANCE. The combination of our best metal hangers and best-selling wooden hangers offers the advantages of both materials.


Hangers in three new colours, gold, glamour gold, and bronze. This glamour-effect is only available from MAWA.

MAWA AIR - Hanger for drying

Hang up damp laundry. Leave to dry. Done.

It is as simple as that! Hang up your item of laundry while it’s still damp on the MAWA AIR clothes hanger. Leave to dry. Done. It is as simple as that!


The new TWIST hangers are a very special achievement: They are super light, meet the highest demands on functionality, have a fully turnable hook and effortlessly save up to 50% space.


A wooden hanger is a wooden hanger? Not at all. Wood offers an almost unbelievable variety of possibilities for your personal lifestyle.