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"I'm really into it, the work at MAWA"

Mr Jaksche worked at MAWA for over 43 years. Even after retiring, he stayed with the company on the side until May 2023. He remembers working with prisons and the incident with a CNC milling machine that was too large. Although he already misses his work, he is enjoying his retirement in Scheyern with his family.

A new chapter at MAWA

Takeovers often no longer take place within the family - but not at MAWA. Sebastian Schenk has been responsible for the production, finance and accounting departments in the role of Managing Director since October 2023.

Recyclable clothes hangers made from hops and waste paper

MAWA recently launched the "CellFormDesign" project together with the TU Dresden. The aim is to develop environmentally friendly clothes hangers made from natural fibres, supported by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The project is a response to the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives in the area of everyday objects.