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Coat Hangers for Hotels by MAWA

Coat Hangers for Hotels: Quality Meets Design

At MAWA Hotel, quality and design are our top priorities. Our diverse wooden hangers offer limitless variations, from natural finishes to coloured lacquers. The hanger hook completes the design, whether it’s shiny or matte nickel, gold or copper-coloured, black or white – or even with anti-theft security. With branding, your hotel hangers become true brand ambassadors. And the best part: you can reorder your design in small quantities at any time.

Clothes Hangers for Luxury Hotels

To offer your guests an unforgettable stay, luxury must be considered down to the smallest detail. This is the only way to create the unique hotel atmosphere where the senses can truly flourish. Choosing the perfect clothes hangers for your hotel or restaurant not only underscores the style of your interior but also communicates your philosophy with every reach into the wardrobe. A finely crafted wooden hanger becomes a gentle tactile pleasure in a nature hotel, while a metal hanger with a distinctive hook colour allows customers to feel your attention to detail.

Sustainable Coat Hangers for Hotels

Environmental protection and sustainability are also the topics of the moment in the hotel and catering industry. MAWA clothes hangers bring this concept into the wardrobe of every single room, not least because investing in high-quality and durable clothes hangers conserves our shared resources. Additionally, MAWA clothes hangers meet the highest standards for sustainable production and eco-friendly materials.

Learn more about sustainability at MAWA here.

Coat Hangers with Hotel Logo

Do you want your logo on your hotel hangers? No problem, even for small quantities. An elegant logo print transforms clothes hangers into unique items that subtly communicate your brand philosophy. Contact us now, and we will be happy to advise you on custom logo printing.

In addition to our wooden and metal models, we also offer classic hangers with hotel pins.

Clothers hangers at home & in the hotel

Do you want your guests to feel at home?

Then our MAWA clothes hangers for hotels are the perfect accessory for your hotel rooms. With their uniform hanging height and maximum functionality, your guests will find it easier to unpack and will never want to leave. MAWA clothes hangers impress with their quality and sustainability - a perfect match for your hotel!


The combination of a black hook and black lacquer makes our All Black clothes hangers exceptionally modern accessories for your hotel.

Our classic wooden hangers with light white-washed staining bring a Scandinavian touch to your hotel rooms.

Elegant yet natural, our hangers with walnut stain are perfect for hotels with a classic style.

The classic shape, natural wood colour, and high-quality craftsmanship perfectly complement the decor of any hotel room.