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Quality & Service

MAWA – The brand makes the difference

Individuality, Exclusivity and Sustainability

Being made in Germany is a big plus when it comes to sales. The country continues to enjoy an international reputation for quality, and MAWA is no exception.

This quality is apparent in the individuality, exclusivity and sustainability of our products, and in the advice we provide to you as a client, based on long and detailed experience.

Here’s an item about MAWA’s hangers on Germany’s ProSieben TV network.

We use highly sophisticated machinery for fast, high-precision production runs and high-quality results.

Every MAWA hanger undergoes thorough quality controls to ensure it meets your high standards.

With our production and sales divisions working closely together our quality is also apparent in the wide-ranging, intensive service and expert advice we provide.

Service – Committed to partnership

with a history of pioneering success

MAWA hangers are exported to over 86 countries worldwide. MAWA is a traditional midsized business based in the Bavarian district of Pfaffenhofen. But it has enjoyed international success, winning the Bavarian Export Award and selling over eighty percent of its products abroad.

  • We offer individual recommendations on the use of hangers in the home and living, fashion, and hotel sectors.
  • We can help to boost your profits by integrating your online and offline business models,
  • and provide exclusive advice on selling via Amazon in cooperation with our partner Plaso.
  • Trade fair concepts and support
  • International customs clearance
  • Fast delivery

We want to make you a part of MAWA’s international network, which is based on dialogue, personal relationships, and the latest digital trends.  We work in partnership, with a focus on customer service. That’s what we’re known for.