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MAWA – Sustainability

The ultimate in sustainability

Our goal is to achieve zero-carbon production by 2030, to give future generations a chance.

The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 commits to achieving global economic growth while pursuing social responsibility and respect for the environment. 

We’re following the same agenda, moving towards fully sustainable production and materials.

MAWA for more Sustainability

Our contribution to your health and our evironment

MAWA is a traditional company with a history stretching back over 70 years.

As a global business, we’re very much aware of our responsibility to people and the natural environment

Many years ago, we created the Eco Friendly and SKIN friendly initiative.

We thus show our commitment to more sustainability and environmental protection.

All of our wooden hangers are made from FSC-certified European wood.

We want to make it clear that we actively support the goals of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 towards a change for ecological, low-emission and environmentally friendly production.

We’re aware of our social and environmental responsibilities, and wholly committed to sustainable manufacturing.

We don’t want your customers’ clothing or skin to be exposed to toxins, so our hangers contain no heavy metals or phthalate-based softeners .

MAWA wooden hangers are made exclusively from sustainable, controlled forestry cultivation and are FSC certified. This management of the forests will also provide a livelihood for future generations.

The MAWA Eco-hanger

We never rest on our laurels.

Our metal hangers bear the ECO friendly and SKIN friendly seals of quality, and our wooden ones use pure FSC-certified timber.

But we’re also working on more innovative ideas with a view to even greater sustainability. The MAWA Eco hanger is revolutionary: it’s made from upcycled natural materials in combination with textile fibres and offers an alternative to traditional plastic.

This organic material uses fully sustainable ingredients that do not increase the CO2 in the atmosphere. MAWA CellPlast is used as a granulate in positive and negative injection moulding to create different designs, colours, and surfaces.

MAWA TexPlast M is used as a granulate in positive and negative injection moulding to create different designs, colours, and surfaces. Apart from standard hangers, we can tailor them to your needs.

MAWA TexPlast S stands for hangers that are form cut from solid material and allows an individual flat design. Shoulder extensions can be moulded from the material and attached.