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MAWA – Sustainability

The ultimate in sustainability

Our goal is to achieve zero-carbon production by 2030, to give future generations a chance.

The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 commits to achieving global economic growth while pursuing social responsibility and respect for the environment. 

We’re following the same agenda, moving towards fully sustainable production and materials.

MAWA C-Cycle

An ECO material made from natural fibres

MAWA C-Cycle is an ECO material made from natural fibres and vegetable waste.

It is individually moulded as a granulate using injection moulding and is available in a variety of colours. MAWA C-Cycle is characterised by its natural look and feel as well as high quality and stability.

Its biogenic basis offers a high degree of identification potential. MAWA C-Cycle utilises organic residues, thus preserving the plant's CO2 reservoir for climate protection. By recycling it after use, its storage effect in the cycle can be prolonged.

MAWA C-Cycle bears the DIN-tested mark for products made from over 85% biogenic materials (registration number 8C365). With MAWA C-Cycle you are choosing the future of sustainable clothes hangers.

MAWA for more Sustainability

Our contribution to your health and our evironment

MAWA is a traditional company with a history stretching back 75 years.

As a global business, we’re very much aware of our responsibility to people and the natural environment

Many years ago, we created the Eco Friendly and SKIN friendly initiative.

We thus show our commitment to more sustainability and environmental protection.

MAWA ECO Collection

With sustainability in mind...

Our innovative drive has resulted in MAWA ECO. The MAWA ECO Collection is in line with the values of the MAWA brand in terms of quality, lifestyle and sustainability.

We view MAWA ECO materials as being synonymous with a closed cycle.

This cycle involves the careful use of resources, the longevity of products and ultimately the preservation of our planet.

The cycle that we create through MAWA ECO is generated through

  1. the different processes for the injection moulding,
  2. the formation of the fibre matrix and
  3. the plate pressing

all of which give MAWA ECO materials their particular properties.

MAWA ECO materials fit into the cycle by being recyclable and upcyclable; they will play an important ecological and economic role in the future.

The MAWA ECO Collection is based on a revolutionary clothes hanger cycle that fuses the values inherent in recycling, carbon footprint reduction, biogenicity, quality, experience and individuality.

We have therefore incorporated the concept of the cycle into the name of the clothes hanger:

The MAWA Cycle is the umbrella term for MAWA ECO materials

MAWA C-Cycle and MAWA T-Cycle

Find out more about the MAWA cycle:


The biomaterial MAWA C-Cycle uses renewable raw materials (natural fibres and biopolymers) that form a closed carbon cycle.

Learn more...


The MAWA T-Cycle is all about the careful handling of textile raw materials. This conveys a sense of positivity, especially in connection with clothing and fashion.



We’re aware of our social and environmental responsibilities, and wholly committed to sustainable manufacturing.

We don’t want your customers’ clothing or skin to be exposed to toxins, so our hangers contain no heavy metals or phthalate-based softeners .

MAWA wooden hangers are made exclusively from sustainable, controlled forestry cultivation and are FSC certified. This management of the forests will also provide a livelihood for future generations.

Our FSC Commitment

We are committed to the FSC Core Labor Standards. More information can be found here.