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We give the clothes hanger a new meaning.

A clothes hanger does many wonderful things: it creates order, it protects and cares for clothes, it preserves valuable, treasured items, it creates brand experiences and incentives to buy, and so, so much more. But all too often, it is viewed as a dull everyday object. We see a future in which hangers are valued differently.


We develop and manufacture clothes hangers to suit each individual’s very own lifestyle.

There is a huge variety of MAWA clothes hangers that are unique in their design and perfect in their functionality. We manufacture our products in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, and see ourselves as part of a world that is working towards lower-emission and less resource-intensive production methods.

The brand makes the difference

MAWA – A unique business dating back to 1948. The brand is characterised by a spirit of pioneering and invention, which has been constantly developed over the years, but always with a sense of tradition. We manufacture with passion in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, a place with history rooted deeply as ours.

Being German means we combine long tradition with outstanding quality. MAWA hangers have enjoyed proven success over the decades, and we’ve developed groundbreakingly innovative products with our clients.

Michaela Schenk, the CEO of MAWA GmbH, takes you on a journey and tells you where and how a MAWA hanger is used.


MAWA made in Germany, but loved around the world

MAWA hangers are exported to over eighty-six countries worldwide MAWA is a traditional midsized business based in the Bavarian district of Pfaffenhofen.

But it’s enjoyed international success, winning the Bavarian Export Award and selling over eighty percent of its products abroad.

These days, hangers aren’t just a product. The MAWA brand is synonymous with hangers, but adds a whole new dimension to this everyday product.

Our worldwide network of contacts gives us access to country-specific know-how and insights.

We’re based in Pfaffenhofen, but are at home in the world.

Clothes hangers for every lifestyle

The MAWA brand is an expression of our clients’ lifestyles, be they consumers, fashion stores, or hotels.

Our wide-ranging and innovative range has the right product for every application.

We combine long-established know-how with new ideas, so that tradition meets modernity.

Working closely with our clients and suppliers, we develop new and detailed designs with a passion for quality.

We’re also very much aware of the cultural differences in the way people use hangers, not least in their very different colour preferences.

Our materials and production are totally sustainable

We have a 360-degree approach to sustainability.

This is why MAWA founded the ECO friendly and Skin friendly initiative many years ago.

Our ECO friendly seal of quality reflects the emphasis on sustainability in our production process, while the SKIN friendly mark relates to our use of materials.

We are committed to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, and working towards environment-friendly, low-emission production processes.

Our goal is to achieve carbon neutral production by 2030, to give future generations a chance.

You can count on our support

We’ve always working with the future in mind. We keep a finger on the pulse of the sectors we work with, and provide experienced advice on products and marketing.

We use innovation management, trend analysis and customer journey consultancy to help our clients to get the most out of our hangers.

FORWARD LOOKING, COMMITTED AND PROVEN – That’s what makes the MAWA difference.

We’ve been working with many of our partners for years, and it’s our promise to you, too.

History of MAWA