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MAWA – The history

A typical German industrial story


Once upon a time, in 1948,

at the beginning of Germany’s postwar “economic miracle”, Martin Wagner founded MAWA.



The invention of the trouser hanger

In 1955 Wagner had a brainwave: the first trouser hanger, which made washing and drying much easier. It was a masterpiece of functionality, and Wagner immediately patented it. He then developed his invention into a dress hanger, and patented a clip for dresses. When it came to creating new technology, he really was on a roll.


The first anti-slip coating

In response to changing needs and challenges, Wagner also invented an anti-slip coating for his hangers


Fully automated production

By the end of the 1960s the MAWA GmbH had 200 employees, making up to 120,000 metal hangers a day by hand. In 1985, following increased demand from abroad, it designed an automated production line in close consultation with the workforce. The result: faster processes and higher standards of production.


Insolvency and other problems

The first bootleg copies of MAWA products began appearing on the market around the turn of the millennium. What they lacked in quality, they made up for in cheapness. In the late 1990s, there were more problems during the transition to the next generation of managers, and a delayed decision to sell MAWA to its directors led the company into insolvency in 2005


A phoenix from the ashes

In 2007 the company was acquired by an entrepreneur, Michaela Schenk. Its products were good and in high demand, and its factory in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, was well located. MAWA gained new markets in eastern Europe, Asia, and the United States and continued to grow. The workforce expanded, and the company’s product range grew dramatically.  


Focusing on the environment

All technologies at MAWA were scrutinised. We refocused with a scheme of environmental protection and resource optimisation. Instead of creating waste, the company aims to recycle all materials.


ECO friendly, SKIN friendly, and FSC certification

When the United Nations Agenda 2030 was adopted, including a transition to low-emission, sustainable production, MAWA created the ECO friendly and SKIN friendly initiatives. We thus show our commitment to more sustainability and environmental protection. All of our wooden hangers are made from FSC-certified European wood. 


Covid 19: focus on digital technology

Despite the challenges it faces, the company has emerged much stronger from the Covid pandemic. Focusing on online business and new sales channels as an important marketplace has brought advances in the use of digital technology. Even during a pandemic, MAWA is a strong and steadily growing company.


The revolutionary MAWA ecohanger

As part of its sustainability strategy, MAWA began upcycling using natural materials, and created the first upcycled hangers, with net  zero CO2  emissions.