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MAWA – Fashion

MAWA Fashion

Driven by sustainable lifestyles

MAWA Fashion is about maximum style and minimum environmental impact.

These are the two values underlying this cohesive range of hanger designs, in which form and material go together in totally individual creations.

Our hangers range from lifestyle collections to individual brand design in sustainable metal, wood, and ecomaterials.

We offer revolutionary ECO materials that bring recycling, CO2 reduction and modern store design together with innovative hanger models.

Exciting shapes, colours, and materials to express countless lifestyles and fashion trends.

Hangers to match your corporate image and store design.

MAWA Revolution

Meet the MAWA ECO hanger

As human beings, we use the planet’s resources to shape our lives for the better. The careful and sustainable use of these valuable materials in a cycle is one of the biggest issues for the future.

As part of its all-encompassing sustainable strategy, MAWA is dedicating itself fully to this trend through its ECO material, which is made using natural products and upcycling processes.

At MAWA, we have never used plastic to produce our hangers, because we are simply not convinced by this material in terms of sustainability.

That’s why we use MAWA ECO materials as excellent alternatives to plastic in our hanger frames.

MAWA C-Cycle

Closing the carbon cycle

The biomaterial MAWA C-Cycle uses renewable raw materials (natural fibres and biopolymers) that form a closed carbon cycle.

When these are recycled, they only release as much CO2 as they absorb during their growth phase. The aim is to leave CO2 in the ground in its fossilised form. Examples are plant residues from primary recycling and agriculture, which can no longer be used for food and animal feed

The MAWA C-Cycle is characterised by its high quality and stability. It is used as a granulate in injection moulding to create different colours.

MAWA T-Cycle

Reusing old clothes

90% of unwanted clothing ends up in landfill sites or is incinerated. These remnants of clothing and other textiles are used in an innovative upcycling process to make a new high-quality ECO material called MAWA T-Cycle. This reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70%.

The MAWA T-Cycle is all about the careful handling of textile raw materials. This conveys a sense of positivity, especially in connection with clothing and fashion.

Special features are the slightly speckled structure of the surface and the colour variations of the material, which make every T-Cycle unique.

When recycled, the MAWA T-Cycle is carbon neutral.

As well as the standard shapes, we offer an individual hanger design that we can develop for you digitally and then 3D print you a sample.

MAWA Fashion Lifestyle

Harmonise product displays with your store design

People define themselves by the way they live their lives. Tomorrow’s bricks-and-mortar retailers will provide a social and emotional experience:

  • as stores are transformed from traditional warehouses into showrooms and lifestyle spaces where like-minded people meet to explore brands.
  • Good shopfitting inspires and seduces by displaying your brand’s unique values.
  • Hangers should show your products at their best, acting as brand ambassadors and underlining their individuality

Based on detailed research and discussions with fashion experts, we’ve identified several product presentation trends and created a series of hangers for each.

Confident, cosmopolitan, equally at home
in Rome, Rio, or Cape Town,
demanding, and stylish.
Your store design tells a story, and it’s time your hangers did, too.

Today, the trend is away from the crowded, noisy metropolis
to a place of stillness that’s natural, earthy, and warm.
People should feel that when they hold your hangers.

A story of contrasts: City, country, day, night, sky, sea, blending seamlessly to create a whole new level of excitement. You can even deliberately contrast your store design and hangers.

A carefree world of living.
Free, light, open.
Balanced. With fun and enjoyment.
Do your hangers hit the right note?

From the fashion store to the closet

Turn your store into a real eye-catcher!

Communicate your brand identity to your customers - not just visually but also through touch - with MAWA clothes hangers selected and designed especially for your brand. Whether made of wood, metal or ECO materials, MAWA hangers present your clothes perfectly and invite your customers to purchase by exuding quality!

MAWA Fashion Individual

in a fashion outlet, they can be a part of the brand experience.

We can design individual hangers to suit your needs, using CAD to produce a digital 360-degree image to scale and a 3D printer to make your individual hanger prototype.

This exclusive service is available for all MAWA hanger series and collections.

Mawa - New Collections


A wooden hanger is a wooden hanger? Not at all. Wood offers an almost unbelievable variety of possibilities for your personal lifestyle.


From spectacular to innovative – these are our BEST OF METAL Specials. A new generation of hooks and color combinations with our MAWA anti-slip coating.


Two materials, one style: this is ELEGANCE. The combination of our best metal hangers and best-selling wooden hangers offers the advantages of both materials.


Hangers in three new colours, gold, glamour gold, and bronze. This glamour-effect is only available from MAWA.


A new way of thinking is emerging all around the world. Being environmentally conscious isn’t just a niche interest; it’s gone mainstream.

“Kiss this world.”
It’s not a trend; it’s a mega-trend.
It’s not an idea; it’s an attitude.

“Kiss this world.” That’s the strapline of our new MAWA ECO Collection – and it’s exactly what we want to achieve together with you!

MAWA - Cycle


Let yourself be won over by our MAWA C-Cycle, which is guaranteed to give you a “kiss this world” feeling!