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A statement for the future!

  • Natural fibres and biopolymers
  • Recycling: cycle use (thermoplastic biopolymers), biodegradable
  • Carbon footprint: approx. -1.3kg CO₂/kg
  • Biogenicity: up to 98%
  • Quality: strong load-bearing capacity and excellent stability
  • User experience: slightly fibrous texture, natural scent
  • Individuality: shape, colour, functionality & branding

Metal – clothes hangers

Designed and produced by MAWA

  • ECO friendly German steel
  • High-quality steel offers a 50 percent space saving
  • SKIN friendly, phthalate-free antislip coating
  • U-shaped metal strip for extra weight bearing.
  • Rotating hook with durable wobble riveting
  • Hardwearing steel shoulder caps
  • Insensitive to impact and moisture

Wood – clothes hangers

Stable and pleasant to the touch material

  • Solid beech, ash, oak, pine, spruce, with high-quality finish
  • Sealed to create soft, round edges
  • Quadruple planed for an extra-smooth surface
  • Tough, fully rotating hook
  • Fully finished dress inserts with no rough surfaces
  • No toxic or harmful substances
  • Water-based, environment-friendly paint and staining
  • FSC-certified wood
  • Pesticide free to protect biodiversity