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Experience MAWA “Hangers for Hotels” - the ideal choice for furnishing your guest rooms. Our hangers not only offer practical and sustainable organisation options for your guests, but help to make your hotel a memorable heaven of relaxation.


Discover MAWA "Hangers for Lifestyles" - the ultimate solution for Home & Living retailers. Our clothes hangers impress with their outstanding quality, the “Made in Germany” seal and their sustainable production - right at the point of sale.



Discover the perfect choice for your fashion and store fitting concept with MAWA “Hangers for Brands”. Our hangers combine functionality and stylish design to perfectly display your clothes and give your store a professional look.

Hangers Made From Metal, Wood And ECO Materials

Discover the triad of innovations. Regardless of whether it is wood, metal or our ECO materials, we offer sustainable and functional hangers that can be combined perfectly thanks to the uniform MAWA hanging height.

The MAWA BIO Hanger

The MAWA BIO hanger is the perfect alternative to plastic clothes hangers. High quality, resilient, light and available in different designs - and at the same time in line with high sustainability standards:

  • Natural fibers and biopolymers
  • Biogenicity up to 98 %
  • High eco-efficiency
  • Upcycled material
  • High load capacity and stability
  • Velvety surface with slightly fibrous markings
  • Individuality in form, color, function & branding

The MAWA BIO Collection consists of top, jacket and trouser hangers.

Choose between Hangers in Coffee, Sand and Stone.

With widths of 41 and 45 cm, we offer clothes hangers for different sizes.

Our uniform hanging height allows different models to be combined.

Metal Hangers

Designed and produced by MAWA

We are famous for our high-quality metal clothes hangers, after all, we have been manufacturing them since 1948. Our large range is Made in Germany and impresses with its features:

  • The right hanger for every piece of clothing
  • Durable and ECO friendly
  • Stable hangers with high load capacity
  • Hook fully rotatable and stable
  • Anti-slip coating and SKIN friendly
  • 50 % space saving effect

MAWA clothes hangers offer up to 50 % more space.

The coating on our clothes hangers does not contain any toxic plasticizers and ensures a perfect hold.

We offer hangers in numerous colours and widths.

Thanks to our uniform hanging height, clothes hangers made of wood, metal and ECO materials can be perfectly combined.

Wooden Hangers

Stable design and smooth surfaces

  • Many elegant designs
  • Solid, FSC®-certified beech wood
  • Extra smooth surface thanks to 4 x grinding process
  • Hook fully rotatable and stable
  • No toxic or harmful substances
  • Water-based and environmentally friendly paints and stains

MAWA wooden hangers in white washed exude Nordic flair.

The All Black beech wood series combines a black finish with a black hook.

The Bi-Colour series combines natural beech with an elegant black finish.

The MAWA Best Price series combines high quality and particularly affordable prices.