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Metal clips set in scene

The winners of the MAWA photo competition have been announced!

In 2023, MAWA celebrated its 75th anniversary. 75 years of passion, innovation and creativity to provide the right hanger for every lifestyle and fashion trend. To mark the anniversary, the clothes hanger manufacturer organised a photo competition under the motto "Best CLIP wins!". The winners have now been announced: the jury, consisting of Mawa owner Michaela Schenk, lecturer at the Munich Media Design University Udo Smutny and painter and artist Beatrix Firschke, awarded first place to Naser Juuma from Pfaffenhofen, second place to Romina Gabriel from Hohenwart and third place to Rita Wittmann from Pfaffenhofen.



Clips as card holders, plant clips or bag fasteners

The photos submitted were intended to showcase clips in a variety of ways. Winner Naser Juuma, for example, realised this creatively by staging the clips as card holders or extensions of a teddy bear's arms, playing with light and shadow. Romina Gabriel, on the other hand, used the metal clips as jewellery holders and photographed them as practical everyday objects. Rita Wittmann also photographed the clips in their function as practical universal helpers - for example as plant clips for tomatoes or as sealing clips for food bags.