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MAWA AIR - Hanger for drying

Hang up damp laundry. Leave to dry. Done.

It is as simple as that! Hang up your item of laundry while it’s still damp on the MAWA AIR clothes hanger. Leave to dry. Done. It is as simple as that!

Magic effect. The weight of moisture and natural air circulation remove creases from your laundry as if by magic.

Increasingly popular. Why iron when you don’t have to? The MAWA AIR offers users real benefi ts and is a global model for success as part of the MAWA product range.

Sustainable. If you dry your laundry with the MAWA AIR clothes hanger then you don’t need to use a tumble dryer and you can save lots of energy and therefore a lot of money.

Look forward to “AIR Collection“ from MAWA .

With best regards

Michaela Schenk

MAWA AIR - Gallerie

MAWA – quality and responsibility

Agenda 2030

MAWA supports the Sustainable Development Goals.


ECO friendly

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society at every single stage of production and are fully committed to sustainable production.


SKIN friendly

Substances hazardous to health should not come into contact with clothing or skin. MAWA hangers therefore contain no heavy metals, no formaldehyde and no plasticizers such as phthalates.