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Simply a perfect relationship

"...THIS IS HOW I WOULD DESCRIBE THE COOPERATION WITH MAWA.", says Mr Gerhard Würnschimmel, one of our long-standing partners from Austria. Mr Würnschimmel is already the 3rd generation to run the company Walter Weiss GmbH. A family business that also has a long-standing collaboration with MAWA.


How long have you been working with MAWA Mr. Würnschimmel?

Walter Weiss GmbH is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. We have been a MAWA customer for over 60 years - a long time, but above all a wonderful one! Back then, the RoFit and HoFit were the absolute bestsellers!


How would you describe the cooperation more precisely?

It is and always has been a perfect relationship - calm, cooperative and proven! There have never been any lively experiences - and I think that's so great!


And what role does Ms Schenk play in the collaboration that has lasted for decades?

Michaela Schenk is simply admirable. Her way of managing the company is relaxed and calm, but at the same time the goals are definitely achieved. She has remained completely down to earth in her speech and actions, despite her ongoing success. I myself, for example, was allowed to take a tour of MAWA production in Pfaffenhofen and Ms Schenk is knowledgeable in each of the areas. She has acquired sensational knowledge and shares this knowledge as if we had known each other very well for a long time - over 60 years (laughs).


What is your favourite hanger?

The spoon hanger and, for wooden hangers, the Capitano. In general, the MAWA metal hangers are an absolute front-runner for me! I also find the MAWA wooden hangers just infinitely likeable, especially in the feel.


If you could look into the future, where do you see MAWA in 10 years?

If the world continues to develop in a reasonably "normal" way, then MAWA will still be the top supplier of coat hangers in the metal sector in 10 years' time. We will also continue to be at the top of the field with wooden hangers. I think the topic of sustainability will play an even more important role. Since MAWA is already clearly focusing on this topic, I see a great future for MAWA!


Thank your for your MAWA story Mr. Würnschimmel!