MAWA - MAWA C-Cycle: Revolution in the clothes hanger market
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MAWA C-Cycle: Revolution in the clothes hanger market


CO2 reduction is becoming increasingly important in our society. The MAWA C-Cycle clothes hanger represents a groundbreaking ecological innovation that is driving this development. In this article you will learn all about the forward-looking features and benefits of this unique product.

The MAWA C-Cycle - A CO2-negative innovation

The MAWA C-Cycle is not just an ordinary clothes hanger. It is characterised by its negative CO2 balance, which makes it a pioneer in sustainability. Renewable raw materials have the property of binding and storing CO2. This property is particularly climate-friendly when plant residues and waste are processed into new MAWA C-Cycle coat hangers through innovative material design and the CO2 thus remains bound in the natural fibres. This is how CO2-negative goes and how simple the future is!

The days of plastic hangers are over

Using fossil materials for plastic hangers means releasing CO2 bound in the soil into the atmosphere in a climate-damaging way. As an alternative, MAWA C-Cycle stands for a revolutionary biogenic material design that combines the highest ecological standards with the demand for aesthetics and impresses with quality, stability and durability. In addition, MAWA C-Cycle is recyclable, which further underlines its importance as a CO2 reservoir.


Sustainability and image - hand in hand

The MAWA C-Cycle enables companies to aggressively communicate their commitment to sustainability and position themselves as pioneers in environmental protection. But that is not all. This clothes hanger not only convinces ecologically, but also in the areas of design, functionality and price. No compromises have to be made here.

The MAWA C-Cycle is more than just a clothes hanger.

It is a symbol for a sustainable future and a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and high-quality solution for your clothes storage, you should consider the MAWA C-Cycle. Invest not only in the future of your clothes, but also in the future of our planet.