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A new chapter at MAWA

Sebastian Schenk joins MAWA as Managing Director

Sebastian Schenk has been responsible for the production, finance and accounting departments in the role of Managing Director since October 2023. He is no stranger to the company: The son of owner Michaela Schenk was already involved in projects for MAWA during his studies. 

We interviewed Mr Schenk directly and were able to find out some exciting things about his career path to MAWA and how he would like to shape the future with MAWA:


Hello Mr Schenk, we are delighted that you are now with MAWA. Can you start by telling us something about your career and how you ended up at MAWA?

It's great to be here. My connection to MAWA started back in my school days when I worked at MAWA during the school holidays. Back then, it was fascinating for me to work in production, whether it was diving or packaging. That's also where I met many of my current colleagues. During my studies in administration, I took the opportunity to work in various areas of MAWA. I then continued my studies in Production Management at the University of Regensburg, where I was able to familiarise myself with the business and technical side of production. My enthusiasm for production developed further here.


What happened after your studies?

After completing my Master's degree at the University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, I decided to go into consulting. Here, I focused on specialising in corporate management and helped companies that had run into difficulties, whether due to market changes or other challenges. I was passionate about personalised advice and always tried to make fact-based decisions and communicate openly and directly. I favoured flat hierarchies and an open culture of discussion.


That sounds like an exciting professional journey. What made you decide to join MAWA?

Over the past few years, I have already been intensively involved with MAWA and the corporate environment. In my perception, MAWA has shown impressive stability, even in times of economic ups and downs. The team and the products are first-class, and I see a sustainable company here. I know the company and the employees well, which gives me the confidence that I can make a valuable contribution.


Can you tell us about your role at MAWA and your goals for the future?

I will initially be familiarising myself with the production, finance and accounting departments at MAWA. My aim is to bring about change in these areas, drive projects forward and further improve quality, efficiency and processes in production. I will also support projects initiated by employees and assist the finance department with planning.


Is there anything that particularly motivates you to work at MAWA?

Yes, I am very happy to be here. The warm welcome I have received here has made me feel that I am in the right place. The great opportunity to work with my mum does involve a change, but I am confident that we will be able to keep work and our private lives separate. I am motivated to be here and see great opportunities to make a positive contribution to MAWA. Many thanks to everyone for the warm start you have given me!


Thank you very much for your time and the great insights!


Next generation in the company

For many small and medium-sized companies - which represent around 99 per cent of all businesses in Germany - company succession is becoming an increasing challenge. In many cases, takeovers no longer take place within the family, meaning that the previous owners look for a successor elsewhere.

"This was also the case when I took over the company in 2007, and now MAWA is being run within the family again. I am very happy that I can now share my passion for MAWA with my son. In a joint management team, we are a strong team, and that is the best prerequisite for further developing the traditional company with our innovative team," says Michaela Schenk.