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Strong Brand,
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Strong Brand, Strong Hangers
Strong Brand, Strong Hangers
Strong Brand, Strong Hangers
Strong Brand,
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Strong Brand, Strong Hangers
Strong Brand,
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A seemingly inconspicuous everyday object turned lifestyle product? Turning clothes hangers into a real brand and a lifestyle design product is precisely what Michaela Schenk has managed to do with MAWA GmbH. The jury of “German Standards - Brands of the Century” sees it that way too, which is why it recognised MAWA accordingly. The 16th edition of the book project, which will be published in the autumn, has been refocused and revised and presents around 300 companies that are firmly rooted in the public consciousness as German brands.

“We are proud and delighted to receive this brand seal from MAWA and for our medium-sized company to be counted among the icons of the German economy,” says Michaela Schenk. “It's given us the accolade that demonstrates that even ordinary everyday objects like clothes hangers can become a real brand.”​

MAWA is changing the meaning of hanging clothes all over the world, whether in private wardrobes, fashion stores or hotels. That's MAWA - pure joy in hanging clothes for every lifestyle.


From spectacular to innovative – these are our BEST OF METAL Specials. A new generation of hooks and color combinations with our MAWA anti-slip coating. A perfect match of look and functionality!


The new TWIST hangers are a very special achievement: They are super light, meet the highest demands on functionality and have a fully turnable hook.

They guarantee perfect hanging for almost any kind of clothes and effortlessly save up to 50% space.


Hangers in three new colours, gold, silver, and bronze, to meet your clients’ specific needs and add a touch of true luxury. This glamour-effect is only available from MAWA.


Red stands for pure emotion: love, passion and strength. We combine these feelings in our RED collection. We have selected some of the most successful models from our range and present them in our new and bold MAWA Red.


Two materials, one style: this is ELEGANCE. The combination of our best metal hangers and best-selling wooden hangers offers the advantages of both materials. Our modern colours complement every lifestyle and introduce a touch of ELEGANCE in the closet.


Discover hangers in glamour pink, glamour blue, and glamour silver – three versatile colours that add pizzazz to any closet. The MAWA Brilliant Collection’s chrome hooks offer something new and create visual impact.

MAWA AIR - Hanger for drying

Hang up damp laundry. Leave to dry. Done.

It is as simple as that! Hang up your item of laundry while it’s still damp on the MAWA AIR clothes hanger. Leave to dry. Done. It is as simple as that!


A wooden hanger is a wooden hanger? Not at all. Wood offers an almost unbelievable variety of possibilities to form clothes hangers, which correspond to the personal lifestyle and the requirements of each individual.

black & white

Men are different. Women even more.That‘s why we have perfect hangers for each of them.

Women are deman-ding. Especially when it comes to their  clothes.Women and fashion means love.



Discover our collections

MAWA at Euroshop 2020

Explore the creativity of MAWA fashion MAWA hangers add impact to any fashion-store display. They become an integral part of the interior design, serving as brand ambassadors – whether  made from wood, metal, or the upcycled biopolymer Tex-Plast.

MAWA at Ambiente 2020

MAWA hangers are a perfect fit for any garment – and with the right choice of design and colour, they can complement your customers’ homes and lifestyles.

MAWA in your customers' wardrobes

Hangers are the resting place of all clothes. The hanger you use will determine whether the clothes will be reshaped after being worn, warped, folded or wrinkled.

At MAWA, we have the right clothes hangers for every type of clothing and every wardrobe - tailored to your preferences in terms of shape, colour and material.

We are ecstatic about the NEWS – MAWA among the TOP 100 Innovators in Germany

MAWA was named one of the TOP 100 innovators in Germany in January 2021.

TOP 100 is the only German innovation competition that give SMEs awards related to innovation management and success.

TOP 100 does not award prizes for individual products, but takes a close look at all the stages of the innovation process, following a thoroughly scientific approach encompassing about 120 criteria in these five categories: Innovation Success, Innovation Climate, Innovative Processes and Organisation, External Orientation and Open Innovation, as well as TOP Management Promoting Innovation.

This not only measures the innovative output, but also the innovation potential that can be tapped within the company.

MAWA was able to stand out from a large number of participating companies. This makes us very proud to accept this great award on behalf of our company, our employees and our partners!


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Good for your health, good for the environment

We have a 360-degree approach to sustainability.

Many years ago, we created the ECO Friendly and SKIN friendly initiatives. They’re part of our commitment to United Nations Agenda 2030, and to our goal of achieving carbon neutral production by that year.


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We can fulfil orders quickly from our extensive stocks. We have a wide range of hangers to meet your individual needs – and we can even design and manufacture them especially for you.