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The role of clothes hangers in store design

A well designed store tells the story of your brand, and expresses its unique values. If this story is to be effective, it must be presented consistently. It starts at the door, and continues with the store layout and the customer’s first physical contact with the product.

Clothes hangers have two roles in this process: they show off your products in the best possible light, and make customers feel good when they pick up items and look at them.

This way the coat hanger in the store becomes a unique brand ambassador:

  • They make the products look good.
  • They emphasise the brand’s unique personality and narrative. 
  • They motivate customers to buy your products by making the purchase exciting.

Karin Wahl describes how this works in her visual merchandising manual. Product displays in fashion retailing Little details can make all the difference.

MAWA FASHION  hangers are effective because they reinterpret current clothing and lifestyle trends.