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MAWA - Made in Gemany

In 1948 Martin Wagner had the vision to manufacture the best clothes hangers in the world – fully automated: MAWA metal clothes hangers. Starting with trouser suspenders, MAWA now has created numerous innovations for the market. MAWA has perfected their clothes hangers over the last decade, taking in account for all the different fashion trends. The MAWA product range consists of over 500 products. Their patented techniques is what has made them the industry standard all other companies try (and fail) to achieve. Every unique feature of the market place for hangers have originated at MAWA like, turnable hooks, anti-slip coating and clip hangers. MAWA is the original, don’t settle for second best.

All the production of MAWA clothes hangers are conducted in Germany. Located in Pfaffenhofen Germany, designers, engineers, suppliers and sales staff work in a close collaboration. They use their own machinery which allows for flexibility and fast production.

MAWA takes great pride and steps to ensure customer safety. All materials used for production can be recycled and water consumption during production has been reduced by 80% to decrease their footprint on the earth. MAWA hangers are produced environment friendly and are certified according to strictest ecologic standards. MAWA clothes hangers are free from toxins and harmful substances like heavy metals and formaldehyde, which get onto the clothes and your skin from the coat hanger. For these efforts, as well as the social responsibility, MAWA was honored with the "Grand Prix of German Medium-sized Enterprises" by the Oscar-Patzelt-Foundation.

Michaela Schenk, CEO and owner of MAWA GmbH, receives the "Grand Prix of German Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" from the Oscar-Patzelt-Foundation.


Our focus is the customer. MAWA does not stand only for quality in production, but also product innovation and variety. The brand MAWA offers through its expertise, a real decision guidance for purchasing. This fact not only benefits Germans but to 64 countries in Europe, Asia and the United States of America.

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Deputy Minister-President, congratulates Michaela Schenk on the "Bavarian Export Award".

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